On Turning One

Flynn turned one on 12/18. I know people always say this, but time really did fly by. It did slow down for a bit when the house was delayed, but even with that, it still went too quick.



I love this little, squishy boy. He’s so short. He’s into everything and everything he’s into gets shoved in his mouth. It makes playing in the backyard hard because there are a bunch of little cement bits from when they poured the patio.

This boy loves being outside. He goes straight for the baseball tee and bat, and starts swinging or banging the bat on every available surface. He just wants to be in the midst of it all. He “runs” with his siblings all while wearing the happiest of little brother grins. He gleefully screams at them through window when he’s stuck inside with me and they’re out back playing. He loves them and is in awe of them, and his siblings echo those emotions right back.

When he’s really amused he does this weird little laugh thing. I can never catch it on film and I can’t imitate it at all. It’s like he’s part Wookie. We hear it a lot because everything amuses him. He’s generally a very happy boy – as long as I don’t walk by him without picking him up.



That’s Flynn. We celebrated number one with some homemade spice cake, and my mom and siblings came over. I’ve never seen a baby so excited to have all his family over and eat cake. At that point, I think he knew we were all focused on celebrating him.

Love it. Love him.

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  1. Happy first birthday flynn!! He loooved his cake didnt he!

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