Guest Post: Rachael from You Me and Natalie

Today we have Rachael from You Me and Natalie sharing a story about her favorite Valentine’s Day. It’s a really cute story, you’re going to love it. :) When you’re done reading stop by her blog and show her some love!

Hey there Little Miss Nerd Girl readers! I’m Rachael, the author of You Me and Natalie. I am so excited to be guest posting here today!

Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I thought I would share with you my favorite Valentine’s Day.

It was a dark and stormy night February 13th, 2006. (Although, it really was dark and stormy, it was snowing) Our friends, J and A came over to hang out and spend the night, because we knew it was snowing and we wanted to go out to dinner together the next day. We hung out, watching tv, drinking a little (just a little! I’m not a lush) and having a good time. Eventually we all settled down and went to bed.

The next morning the boys got up and dressed, and went outside to clean off the cars. After a while, J came back inside and said to me, “Rachael, you need to go outside. Someone hit your car, and Mike needs you to look at it.”

I remember saying, “I’ll look at it later, it’s cold outside.” But he insisted, made me get dressed and get my coat on and basically shoved me out the door.

When I got downstairs and outside, Mike wasn’t even standing by my car. I couldn’t see any damage, but I saw him standing by the back of his Durango, so I walked on over, careful not to slip on any of the ice on the parking lot.

I got over to him, and I saw the blanket. I instantly thought “Oooo presents!” How right I was.

I don’t remember exactly what he said, but he sorta babbled a bit, and then threw the blanket back, and there sat this enormous purple stuffed unicorn (I collect them) and in between its two front hooves sat a rose with the ring we had picked out on it! I was shocked! I knew we had bought it, but I didn’t know when I would get it!

The stuffed unicorn.

The original ring.

So, I know he said he loved me, and wanted to marry me, and I remember that he didn’t get down on one knee (I don’t blame him, there was snow on the ground – and we laughed about it later) but it was perfectly him.

We got married July 5th, 2009.


It’s not the world’s most amazing proposal, but it was MY most amazing proposal. And my favorite Valentine’s Day, ever.

This year, we aren’t going to be doing anything ON Valentine’s Day because I have to work. (Ah, the life of a server…) That’s the bad news. The GOOD news, is that the next day is a Wednesday and we both have off, and it’s our daughter, Natalie’s seven “Monthday” so we are going to celebrate then!

Natalie says, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

I hope everyone has a fabulous one!

Sending you sunshine,

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  1. What a sweet story!! I hope you enjoy your wonderful Valentines day!! I also love your engagement ring, so pretty!! What a beautiful little angel you have!! Enjoy your family! Thanks for sharing!

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